I have mixed feelings about this project, was both a fun experience and a biggest disappointment at the same time. 

Just want to say "Never work with unprofessional people and -companies- that have a bad reputation of been shady and use their influences to steal the talent of others to obtain the benefit without pay for it".  I think you can tell what was the real deal here. Anyway, I learned a lot from the process.


• To don't trust in people, not even in one of your closest friends, because when money is involved more than 20 years of friendship goes to hell.
• To endure working with more than 40ºC without ventilation, perspiring like crazy liters of sweat, working day and night, dizzy and dehydrated and still fulfilling my responsibility.
That my talent and creativity is not for the common people, just for the ones who respect it, value it and can appreciate the full process obtaining the same satisfaction as me when we see the final product to be a success. 
• That I am a professional designer who always delivers what was entrusted to, no matter the size of the project or the social importance of the client.
• That my good nature has nothing to do with the wrong people I have to deal with some times. And that I'm still cool because I let the Karma finish it.
• That I'm very good doing murals with acrylic paint and chalk, and that I'm not just good working on average canvas sizes!